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This website is established, managed and maintained by TOURWALA which is an incorporated company under the laws of the India. All the intellectual and other proprietary rights in all the material appearing on the web-site including but not limited to software, audio, text, visual and other material appearing on web-site, unless specified otherwise, are the sole and exclusive property of TOURWALA or its authorized assigns. This Web site is offered to you for your access and use subject to your unconditional and unequivocal acceptance to all the terms, condition, and notices contained herein which are subject to change without any prior notice. Before accessing/using the web site or any service available via the Web site, you are advised to click on the relevant links and to familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use and other terms and guidelines found throughout this Web site and abide by them. The use of this Web site by you implies your unconditional and unequivocal acceptance to all the terms, conditions, and notices. You agree to click on the links to and familiarize yourself if you choose to use the site, pages or services to which they apply. USE OF SITE AND IT’S CONTENTS The site is offered to your personal and non-commercial use. Unless otherwise specified expressly, you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, transmit, display, alter, modify, transfer, distribute, either for consideration or otherwise, any of the contents of the web site including but not limited to site design, information, software, products, policies, services available and published at the web-site. However, even wherever, you are permitted to download and/or copy certain contents of the Web-site, same is strictly for your personal use. Any software that is made available for download from the Web site is the property either of TOURWALA and/or its suppliers. Download and use of such software is always governed by the specific terms attached to the same. Your download/installation or use of any such Software implies your unconditional and unequivocal acceptance to the terms of use of such software. All Software, including without limitation all Source code contained in the Web site, is owned by TOURWALA and/or its suppliers. Same is sufficiently protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. As such, any unauthorised reproduction or redistribution of the Software is expressly prohibited by law inviting severe civil and criminal consequences including but not limited to imprisonment. The governing law shall laws of India. The access to certain pages/links available on the web-site may be restricted to persons chosen by the TOURWALA. For the purposes of determining such persons, the site may offer membership, offering one or more kind of privileges to such registered members. However, sole right to grant and continue such membership shall remain vested with the TOURWALA. Grant of such membership is always conditioned upon providing of true and accurate information, details and/or answers to the questions asked. TOURWALA do not vouch for the absolute technical accuracy or correctness of the material and information available at the web-site. Hence, you are advised not to solely rely on the same and are further advised to cross-verify the same with other official references. The TOURWALA, from time to time, carries out exercise to correct (wherever and whenever inaccuracies noticed) update and upgrade the contents of the web-site. Any inaccuracies, mistakes or faults may be brought to the notice of the administrator. The TOURWALA does not guarantee absolute confidentiality of your correspondence at or through the web-site. Similarly, the TOURWALA does not guarantee that the site is absolutely free for all and every kind of viruses or any other harmful malwares etc. However, the TOURWALA has taken sufficient steps for protection of confidentiality of your communication and prevention of infection by viruses/ malwares. AVAILABLE LINKS TO THIRD PARTY SITES This Web site also contains links to websites operated by parties other than the TOURWALA does not exercise any control. Thus, the TOURWALA, in no manner, is responsible for their contents under any circumstances nor the same implies any kind of endorsement on the part of the TOURWALA of the product and/or service REfered on such Web sites. You absolutely and unequivocally agree that TOURWALA shall not, in any manner, be liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred by you as a result of you having any kind of dealings with such Web Site or as a result of the presence of such links on TOURWALA website. CONDITIONS OF ONLINE BOOKING AND PURCAHSES THROUGH WEB-SITE The service made available to you through this web-site is a value-added service which can be used for online booking / booking request for availing various services offered by TOURWALA . In certain cases, while making online booking/booking request, additional conditions may be communicated to you. These terms and conditions, unless same is found to be repugnant to such additional conditions, are to be read in addition to the same. However, present terms and conditions shall be rendered ineffective only to the extent of such repugnancy and all other terms and conditions shall be read in addition. You are also required to note that goods and services being made available through the online booking on the web-site are being provided by third parties/service providers. The site only is acting as your booking agent for communicating with such service provider and the rendering of actual service is sole and exclusive liability of such service provider. In case of any defect or default on the part of such service provider, you absolutely agree to not to make any kind of claim against the TOURWALA and you shall be free to invoke your remedies against such service provider independently. Please note that, all the booking requests made at the web-site are processed for confirmation with the help of such third party service provider subject to availability at its end. It is only upon written confirmation to you, as aforesaid, implies actual booking on your behalf. However, actual rendering of such service to you is further conditioned upon, at the time of booking, your making full or such payment in advance as may be specifically communicated to you and further complying with other terms and conditions of such requested booking including providing correct and complete details asked for making such service available. You are advised to ensure that all information given by you while making booking request/booking is correct for the added reason that in case of any security concern or developments affecting your travel, we would be contacting you through such details furnished by you, hence, we need to have correct, complete, accurate and latest details. If all or any of the details furnished by you are found to be wholly or partly incorrect, confusing or misleading, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction which shall entirely be at your risk and cost. The payment can be made in any of the permitted mode. However, it is your absolute duty to ensure that the payment is actually credited to the account of TOURWALA. You are required to note that, in case, failure of payment for any reason whatsoever and, at any stage, there shall be no obligation either on the part of the ST&T or service provider to render the booked service. However, the TOURWALA and/or service provider may choose to provide you the booked service irrespective of such failure of payment. In such case, you shall remain liable to make payment towards the service actually rendered to you and all such additional charges as may be imposed as a consequence of such failure of payment. The availability of such requested service shall absolutely be governed by the terms and conditions contained in such confirmation. All the communications and/or representation made to you directly or through web-site shall be treated non-est and stand superseded by terms and conditions contained in such confirmation. You may also note that almost all the services offered for booking at the web-site are subject to last minute cancellation for the reasons which may be even beyond the control of service provider. Hence, you are always advised to keep yourself updated about the latest status of your booking. The service once booked attracts charges for cancellation of the same. Thus, in case of cancellation, the payment made by you shall be refunded to you after deduction of such cancellation charges. Such cancellation charges shall be communicated to you through written confirmation of booking. However, in case of intervening revision of such cancellation charges, the prevailing charges at the time to actual cancellation shall be applicable. The right to access and transact on the web site is reserved as is the right to use any particular credit card on the site for payment purposes. Any controversy or dispute arising out of the transaction made by you through this web-site shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Arbitrator nominated by the TOURWALA. There shall be no bar on reference of dispute to the arbitrator or such an officer as so nominated by TOURWALA, even though the said officer is an employee of TOURWALA or might have dealt with the matter earlier or expressed his opinion thereon. In case the arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred is transferred or vacates his office or is unable to act for any reason, whatsoever, TOURWALA shall be competent to appoint another person as arbitrator who shall be entitled to proceed with the reference from the stage at which it was left by his predecessor. No person other than the one nominated by TOURWALA shall act as arbitrator. The decision of the arbitrator so appointed shall be final and binding on the parties. The limitation for filing claim for arbitration is 30 days from the date of alleged default and in case no claim is filed within this period, it shall be presumed that you have suffered no loss/damage. The arbitration shall be carried out in terms of the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or statutory modification or enactment thereon and the rules made thereunder and for the time being in force. However, it is agreed that the place of Arbitration shall be Delhi/New Delhi. All the litigation arising out or in relation to any transaction made through this web-site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of Delhi or courts of competent jurisdiction sub-ordinate to the said High Court. This Web Site is hosted and maintained by Travel Boutique Online (TBO). The use of this Web-site is further conditioned upon you acceptance to the terms and conditions of TBO.

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